Motorola i856 iDEN now at the FCC

The Motorola i856 iDEN mobile phone first hard of back in March is now making its way through the FCC according to an article on engadget mobile.

The FCC has posted the usual external images and a user manual of the Motorola i856 iDEN handset, but doesn’t really claim any crowns in the beauty stakes.

The Motorola i856 iDEN does feature a dedicated music key smack on its face, and will probably be a win with the average customer of Boost Mobile, although no word on a release date or pricing yet.


One thought on “Motorola i856 iDEN now at the FCC”

  1. melissia says:

    I have a boost mobile but I don’t like it. I want a cute phone that slide. I would purchased the Motorola i856 went it come to the market.

    Thank You,

    Melissia D. Whetstone

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