New Apple iPhone OS 3.0: Background Streaming Radio

Apple iPhone 3.0 was released and made available as of yesterday and Apple has announced the streaming of not just HTTP streaming of videos but also background streaming of Audio.

Yes that’s right as well as watching your favourite video you can also listen to your favourite radio station at the same time.

With this new added feature to the iPhone Matt Raskin has figured a way to listen to many favourite radio stations in the background, below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

This is how it’s done – 1) Using Safari go to the website http://www.tuned.mobi, 2) Select a country, 3) Search for a radio station, 4) If the station has an MP3 stream, tap it, 5) Audio will begin streaming shortly, 6) Now that the audio is playing press the Home button.

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