Voice Control is not included with new iPhone OS 3.0 Update

We must let all of you know that Voice Control is not included with new iPhone OS 3.0 update; many of our readers are saying they cannot find the all new Voice Control with this new update.

The new Voice Control will ONLY be available with the new iPhone 3G S that is releasing Friday 19, we would love to know what you think about the new firmware update that was made available last night.

If you have any questions about the new operating system please mention them in the comments area below and we or other readers will be happy to answer them. Let us also know if you had troubles downloaded the update.


7 thoughts on “Voice Control is not included with new iPhone OS 3.0 Update”

  1. Paul Gleeson says:

    Voice dialing is a basic functionality on many phones for many years.

    Even the tiny iPod shuffle can do voice commands

    Why not the original 3G

    Apple should fix this ASAP

    hopefully the amount of feedback will make them.

  2. Akinlabi Bayette says:

    I think it’s a shame that apple would not make such and essential application available to all iphone users. I understand that it’s all about the bottom line but really!

  3. Deep says:

    It is very difficult to use Iphone when someone is driving, I was expecting that in this update we will get voice control for iphone 3G but I was very disappointed when I came to know that it’s only for iphone 3G S, it’s really bad on apples part. We all know they want new customers but they should keep old customers in mind too. I will say if it’s all about money than take more money from Apple Iphone 3G users but at least provide voice control as it’s very basic and very helpful too, else I am sure someday I will be visiting hospital because of accident.

  4. A.Charlton says:

    As a long time apple user (28 Years) I am really disappointed this feature which is essential for a cell phone and promised to us existing users in the new OS is only available if I buy a new phone. I’ll wait and see what Apple does, as they took care of the Mobile me users last year when the update went south by giving 2 free months of Mobile me. Please Apple, FIX THIS!

  5. why do not apple inklude the voice control app on the original iphone 3g?

    Just to make money to sell 3gs !??

    I hope apple go to hell..
    they have to think on everybody and everybodys iphone! not just them self and money!!!

    and that is becouse the only different on 3gs and 3g is that the 3gs has a better cam -.-

    why do they not inklude the new apps (video recording, voice control, nike + ipod, compas and much more.. )

    the only reason was becouse they want more money…

    and that whay they not inklude the best apps in the uppgrade!!!!!!!!
    fuck apple! i never want to pay for an ipod or an iphone again!!!!!!!
    if they think the best way to make money is to trick the customer they take wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 words: Fuck apple
    2 new things with the 3gs: 2x faster and a better camera… !!!

    apple is so selfish –..__..–

  6. Jason says:

    Voice dialing *is* available for iPhone 3G, just not natively. I’ve been using Say Who LITE (free app) for some time with reasonable success.

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