Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB White: £548 from O2 on Pay & Go

Forget Contract and say hello to Pay & Go: We here at PhonesReview went out and bought the new Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB (White) on the Pay & Go set-up, the cost was a staggering £548 which includes the £10 top-up fee.

Already on the £45 a month contract which runs out January 25 2010 we was weighing up the total cost if we were to upgrade early and then we was looking at what you get text and minute wise, well the new iPhone 3GS on the £44.05 contract will give you 1200 UK minutes and only 500 Texts, whereas on Pay & Go (iPhone 3G S 32GB – £538.30) you will get: Top up £10-£14 and get 500 minutes, Top up £15-£29 and get 1000 minutes or Top up £30+ and get unlimited minutes, texts are 10p each and Downloading data costs £3 a MB in the EU and £6 a MB everywhere else.

Well we decided to get the (iPhone 3G S 32GB – £538.30) and put our contract SIM card in the new iPhone until January, we will then just get the Simplicity set-up when the contract ends; here are the O2 Simplicity Tariffs:

£9.79 Per Month = 150 Minutes and 300 Texts
£14.69 Per Month = 300 Minutes and 600 Texts – Unlimited O2 to O2 Calls
£19.58 Per Month = 600 Minutes and 1200 Texts – Unlimited O2 to O2 Calls or choose from list
£29.38 Per Month = 1200 Minutes and 2400 Texts – Unlimited O2 to O2 Calls or choose from list

Now why would we want to pay £44.05 on contract and get 1200 UK minutes and only 500 Texts plus when we can get £19.58 Per Month = 600 Minutes and 1200 Texts. Ok the Pay & Go version does not give you Wi-Fi Hotspot access but never use that anyway, you can get Wi-Fi access in your home or any other wireless networks.

The bottom line is if you want an early upgrade you will have to pay up to the end of your contract (This is dependent on each individual), then the cost of the iPhone 3GS etc… In the long run the Pay & Go set-up is the best option if you ask us because with the Simplicity option you are not tied to long contracts. Please let us know what you think


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB White: £548 from O2 on Pay & Go”

  1. Mathew says:

    Totally agree.

    It seems like a complete rip off. I have never owned a Apple iphone but after seeing the 16GB – 3GS version i think wow i wish i could afford that phone.

    Probably will never be able to either and i think Apple is ripping people off left, right and center with the cost of the phone.

    And for those people who are tied in contracts i feel sorry for them.

    I got a Genuine SciPhone i68+, yeah i know, but it not meant to be a iphone just a appearance look only, but as it is cheap and affordable for people like me who don’t have several pounds to spend on a Apple then it is great. I dream of owning a 32GB iPhone 3GS but that won’t happen so i will have to stick to my clone.

  2. Jeff says:

    If you buy an iPhone on pay and go from O2 (UK) you will also get 12months web&wifi bolt on for free. Normally £10 a month. So an even better saving!

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