Netbooks are 15-percent slower than new iPhone 3GS

Are Netbooks slower than the new iPhone 3GS? A test was carried out using benchmark, Sunspider JavaScript against the iPhones version of Safari the results were outstanding.

The test which was carried out via pcmag.com on the iPhone 3GS came out 15 times faster on the benchmark compared with a popular net book (HP Mini 110). The iPhone completed in 27272ms where as the netbook shipped with Internet Explorer 7 completed in a shocking slow time of 411,168ms. If a netbook is what you want then download a new browser use Google Chrome or IE8 which improves on the IE7’s JS performance

Another test was carried out at a later date with safari installed on the netbook this time the netbook did perform better with a score of 3606ms so as we said you will need to use a default installed browser.

Source: Gearlog.com

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