$99 iPhone 3G is the James Bond of $99 phone range

There is an interesting article over on techcrunch that depicts the $99 iPhone 3G as the “James Bond” of $99 phones, and is an interesting play by Apple in as much as taking a previously out of reach smartphone and placing it firmly in the magic price point area.

They looked at the $99 iPhone 3G against other $99 phones available, and set out to compare specs, but found after looking said “it’s really a joke” as one can see all there is to see just by looking at the devices being offered at the $99 price point.

They compared the $99 iPhone 3G with the BlackBerry Curve 8310, BlackBerry Pearl 8310, LG Xenon, Motorola V365, LG enV Touch, and many more besides and still the iPhone 3G came out as the “James Bond” of $99 phones.

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