How easy is it to turn on iPhone tethering?

The fool-proof way to turn on iPhone tethering in the US has just got even easier and even more fool-proof. All you need to do is point Mobile Safari to http://help.benm.at, select your country, download your carrier profile and install, its as simple as that.

You should see a Internet Tethering toggle in the Network selection. Pair with your computer over Bluetooth or plug in via USB and go, you don’t even need to restart.

Performance is really important, and this seems to be extremely solid, for tethering Mac and Windows machines. It would be really nice if AT&T actually manage to tweak the interface so you can activate tethering without having to remove your phone from it’s holder or your pockets. That’s the only part that’s disappointing. Has anyone actually tried this outside the US?

This is strictly use at your own risk, but this has been tested and this is as close to safe as it gets, according to Richard Lai of Engadget. For further information please visit cultofmac.com


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