iPhone 3.0 update has ten cool hidden features

The guys over on MacRumors forum have now compiled an extensive list of the 100 plus features within the iPhone OS 3.0 update.

We have here ten of those cool hidden features and to view all 100 plus features just hit up the link. So without further ado here is the list…

Unknown incoming calls show the location of the call… Share a contact when viewing a contact there is a new button tap once and an email message opens including all info for said contact in a .vcf file… You can select which folders to push from Microsoft Exchange…11 home page screens and now allowed… When listening to a podcast you now have the option to email the link, rewind 30 seconds, and choose the playback speed.

Next 5 are… When you hold down the “.” on the keyboard you will get the option for “…” and when you hold down “-” you will get the option for an elongated dash. Also when you hold down quotations you’ll have the option for “<>”… You can turn off the second SMS alert through Settings… You can shake to undo typing… You can delete individual lines from an SMS conversation by taping the Edit button at the top of the conversation…and if you add an address under the Notes filed in a calendar event, you can tap it once to bring up the address in Maps.

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