iPhone 3.1 SDK Beta Features: So what is new then?

So the all new iPhone 3.1 SDK Beta has been released to developers, this new update includes cool features like Voice Control over Bluetooth.

Just so all knows ultrasn0w users that Baseband has been updated to 5.08.o1 and according to Cult of Mac you should not install the beta if your iPhone is unlocked with the ultrasnow hack, if you do install this update your phone will permantly lock. Oops.

So what is new then? Well new features will include MMS is on by default but does not work for AT&T subscribers, edited videos to be saved as a copy, preserving the original, Voice Control over Bluetooth and below is a list of other things that may interest you.

From Cult of Mac:

  • iPhone 3GS – When you’re trimming your videos you now have the option of saving the original video by tapping the “Save as copy” button
  • When you move your icons around the iPhone vibrates
  • The baseband has been updated to 5.08.01 – ultrasn0w users should not use the iPhone OS 3.1 beta, otherwise their iPhones could be permanently locked!
  • Voice Control is finally working over Bluetooth now!
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz
  • There’s now a VideoEditorController API – Allows third party apps to call up video editing UI
  • MMS is enabled by default but does not work for AT&T users
  • The AT&T profile is updated to 4.2
  • Video picker API

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