Samsung Tocco Lite Vs Nokia N97: Comparisons

The Nokia N97 goes up against the Samsung Tocco Lite in a comparison battle by live-pr.com so the potential buyer can gain a good insight into these to smartphones.

The Samsung Tocco Lite measures 104 x 53 x 11.9mm while the Nokia N97 measures 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9mm with the Nokia N97 featuring a 3.5 display and the Samsung Tocco having a 3 inch display; both have TFT resistive touch screens and weight wise the Nokia N97 coems out tops at 93.5 grams while the Samsung Tocco Lite is 150 grams.

Again the Nokia N97 has further advantage with its QWERTY keyboard and proximity sensor. Nokia N97 wins again with storage space packing 32GB while the Tocco Lite can only deliver 50MB. Nokia again win in camera as the N97 has a 5 megapixel up against a 3.15 megapixel.

The Samsung Tocco Lite comes in tops with battery life at up to 10 hours while the Nokia N97 delivers just 6 hours, but all in all the Nokia N97 wins hands down.


13 thoughts on “Samsung Tocco Lite Vs Nokia N97: Comparisons”

  1. Tom says:

    Right, so you are comparing a £100 phone to a £500 and excepting the Tocco to be nearly as good or better…

    It’s obvious that the N97 will be better it’s £400 more.

  2. Um, I agree with Tom, probably comparing more equal counterparts would be wiser.

    By the way, you are incorrect. The Tocco weighs 93.5g while the Nokia comes in at a hefty 150g.

  3. ian james says:

    call this a review? its no use to anyone, they cant even get the weight right. other than that no information at all and yes lets do a like for like comparison not this useless contest of budget against premium handset err try comparing a tocco to the cookie thats more intelligent

  4. James says:

    Well the tocco lite has a qwerty keyboard, so your saying the n97 is better than the tocco because it has a better camera, proximity sensor, and more space!

  5. Mike says:

    Nice, compare a budget phone to the N97! Also have you even seen a Tocco Lite? You clearly haven’t held one as they are lighter than the N97, you have obviously just looked at the specs on a website then mixed the weights up! Also the Tocco Lite has a touch screen QWERTY keyboard and a memory card slot so memory capacity should be described as expandable not just mention the on board 50mb. Can someone please explain to me why you would 32gb on a phone anyway?

    While the N97 is clearly a better phone, when you look at the specs properly and include prices in the comparison, the Tocco Lite wins everytime.

  6. Dean says:

    This is the worst review i’ve ever read 😐
    the tocco does have a qwerty keyboard and the weights are all wrong…
    And just so everyone knows i’m on a £35 contract with orange and they are giving me a 8gb memory card free because i refused to get an n97 over the tocco lite.
    Waiting on delivery 🙂
    I feel i’m getting the better deal here as the n97 would cost me £150 and the tocco lite is free.

  7. Dean says:

    small update… just received my tocco lite and…
    the tocco lite has 100mb internal memory, not 50mb… can’t understand why everyone says it has 50mb… im relatively sure even samsung say it has 50mb 😐

  8. x of the carribean says:

    what about value for money. The tocco lite is 80% cheaper than the N97. Tocco lite has widgets N97 does not.
    -Is the N97 worth 500 quid?
    -How much are you getting for 100 quid when u buy the ‘TL”?

    They both do more or less the same thing

  9. tom 2 says:

    this i just a review against two completely different phones! the two phones aren’t competing against eachother at all! This is a rubbish review

  10. tiara says:

    I have the tocco lite and no i dont have a problem lana. try checking or reinstalling your provider’s settings and software. often its the provider software changes that affect the fone
    I prefer the tocco over my n97 both for functionality, looks and weight!
    the TL does everything my N97 does but much more easily. The apps are a blast and easy to use and the on screen touch QWERTY is fine, although not a hardware QWERTY.
    I have mine (both) on contract and find the tocco to be the better fone based on contract and costs.

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