iPhone OS 3.1 beta software recap: Developers what do you think?

Apple, this week, handed developers a beta of iPhone OS 3.1 along with iPhone 3.1 SDK, and purportedly this improves iPhone 3GS multimedia messaging, speech recognition, and video reports an article on crn.

The word is that iPhone OS 3.1 beta enables the save a copy feature of video clips taken with the iPhone 3GS so portions of said video clip isn’t lost during editing. There is also mention of a video API which allows 3rd party apps to access and edit iPhone videos.

iPhone OS 3.1 beta also enables MMS messaging although it still doesn’t work due to AT&T not adding support for MMS. Bluetooth support for Voice Control is also in iPhone OS 3.1 which enables the user to speak commands and identify the titles and artists of songs. Improved graphic support and vibration when moving icons is also included.

So iPhone developers, what do you think of iPhone OS 3.1 beta?


2 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.1 beta software recap: Developers what do you think?”

  1. Sean says:

    We are not allowed to talk about any future apple releases. we all signed a NDA.
    you’ll see what the upgrade does when it is released to the general public.

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