iPhone OS 3.0: iPhone Battery Drainage Issues?

The word is that numerous reports speak of the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware is apparently a huge drain on the iPhone battery, and it appears that iPhone’s batteries are now not even lasting a day reports product-reviews.

They say this battery life issue must lie with iPhone OS 3.0, but with Apple’s new iPhone OS 3.1 on the horizon there should be a fix for the issue imminent.

They know that the issue lies with iPhone OS 3.0 rather than the battery itself and is probably due to iPhone OS 3.0 keeping certain features turned on when there is no need; for the full report hit up the link.

Are any of our iPhone toting readers experiencing the same issue?


One thought on “iPhone OS 3.0: iPhone Battery Drainage Issues?”

  1. Gavin Maurer says:

    I had a 3G, and when I upgraded to 3.0, the battery life diminished quite a bit. I now have a 3GS, with the same battery issues. It doesn’t last as long as it did when using the 2.2.1.

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