Poll: Do you buy smartphones even though you cannot understand them?

A survey was hosted by Best Buy Mobile which shows that half of the people who have a smartphone do not understand them.

Do you understand your smartphone? Well, 47 percent of people with a smartphone said it confuses the heck out of them, whereas 60 percent of those aged between 35—49 feel people with smartphones spend too much time working and not enough time playing.

This does not stop the 1,000 people surveyed from wanting a handset with brains and access to the sort of applications you can’t get on dumbphones. Nine percent of men said playing games was very important, whereas 14 percent of women said the same, no indication as to whether people enjoy paying too much for texting and signing their lives away on long contracts though. Please vote on our poll below as we would love to know what you think

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Source – engadget

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