Mini SIMS introduced by Orange UK

Orange UK are the first operator in Europe to introduce the Mini-Sim, halving the waste by inserting 2 Sims into each credit-card.

The traditional SIM cards have always come enclosed in a piece of plastic the size of a credit-card, which generates 90 per cent waste after the Sim is removed. Over 2.9 billion SIM cards were shipped worldwide in 2008, making the total weight of 11,600 tonnes. I am sure you would agree that there is the potential to save a lot of plastic.

The new Mini-Sims are being trialled at the moment with a select-pay monthly customers and, Orange hope to extend this service to cover all new Sims. Orange are making some substantial changes in becoming greener. For instance 80% of energy comes from renewable sources and they encourage their customers to recycle their handsets in their stores.
Source – intomobile

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