Rolex Watchphone: Fake rip-off by China Cloners

Rolex, a famed name in watches, so put a Rolex watch into a mobile phone and it’s sure to be a winner right? Wrong if you happen to be the rip off merchants of China, as they have now ripped off the Rolex brand and placed it in a mobile phone.

The handset is called the Rolex watchphone reports cloned in china, and is neither a Rolex nor watchphone; it’s simply a mobile phone with a fake Rolex watch embedded in the casing.

Feature wise the “Rolex Watchphone” (insert laughter here) sports a 2.6 inch display, an FM radio and dual SIM slots. Price wise the rip-off Rolex handset can be yours for 690 yuan, which speaks volumes about the Rolex part as the price is roughly $101.

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