Verizon Wireless and iPhone, can AT&T carry on with Exclusivity?

AT&T’s Randall Stephenson has been explaining the exclusive deal which they have with the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone has been the company’s rainmaker, but Randall Stephenson; CEO for AT&T understands that this deal cannot last forever. Verizon have eagerly been waiting for some time and are now ready to offer its customers, the most popular mobile phone on the market.

The iPhone will eventually be offered through other carriers, then it will be down to which network can offer the best deals, although AT&T have increased its subscribers by almost 7 million since 2008. This number has increased with the launch of the Apple iPhone 3GS where 1.2 million new users have signed up in the second quarter alone. The exclusive deal with AT&T is expected to end in 2010.

Source – product-reviews

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