Blackberry Tour Themes: What theme do you have?

Now that you have your nice new Research In Motion BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone no doubt you’ll be packing some Tour Themes on your new device.

As with most new smartphone the internet is wild with available themes so you can make your smartphone just how you want it to be. And I mean like if you do a search for BlackBerry Tour Themes, Google comes up with 21,100,000 results, so there are a lot out there.

So if you own a BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone we at Phones Review are interested in what theme you are using, so feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know.



One thought on “Blackberry Tour Themes: What theme do you have?”

  1. guamboy says:


    sorry homie..but there are no 3rd party themes for the TOUR (9630) yet. Plazmic has yet to include the 9630 on their developer kit (used to create themes)

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