Nokia 5800 XpressMusic v30 firmware update (v30.0.011)

Lets not get carried away and get all too excited , as this isn’t bringing the 5530’s revamped home screen or anything like that.

Nokia have now started to release v30-level firmware updates for various 5800 XpressMusic product codes.

At this stage it appears to be just a maintenance release purely focused on bugs and the like, although the headlining feature so far seems to be the addition of on screen email notifications for Nokia Messaging. Please visit here for more information


2 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 XpressMusic v30 firmware update (v30.0.011)”

  1. ashish says:

    Nokia 5800 V30, Important Features I discovered other than the ones already said :
    1. Volume may be adjusted while playing music by touchscreen.
    2. Scroll through the Contact list and music files one by one by touching the screen up and down and not by pulling scrollbar which used to run too fast.

  2. ashish says:

    Nokia 5800 v100 update features (Expected) : Dt : 1, Jan 2010.

    GUI :
    1. Clock Screensaver / Animated wallpaper
    2. Theme/ profile which may be programmed to change as per time/ day / week.
    3. Creation of subfolder in Image gallery and selecting multiple images in one go for transferring/ deleting.
    4. Drag and drop option for customizing the grid view Icon. On transferring file/ icon/ folder from one location to another, view should return to the source folder and not the destination folder.
    5. Option for single line scrolling for Contacts / Messages / Music / Images etc.

    Calling Features :
    6. View full screen caller image.
    7. Call record option.
    8. View A-Z on one screen for searching contacts.
    9. View Name and Number in contact list and during dialing.
    10. Dial selected contact without prompt for voice call.

    Music Features :
    11. Music file may be handled like images. They may be dragged and dropped in desired folder.
    12. Create album and add songs as desired in the album.
    13. No License songs which get blocked now and then.

    Message Features :
    14. Messages may be dragged and dropped into desired folders.
    15. The default memory should be MMC whenever it is inserted and selected.
    16. The messages may be send via Bluetooth to paired device.

    Additional features :
    17. Provide free antivirus as a part of package.
    18. MS office is free to download. Give it pre loaded.

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