iPhone and iPod finally getting MobileMe iDisk application

It’s here after a whole month of waiting, Apple has just launched the MobileMe iDisk application to iPhone and iPod users.

Features include being able to send and view native file clips including music. Movies will work but would have to be formatted first. Apple has said that some files larger than 20MB wont work, and that photo’s and documents are capped at 30MB.

Apple deserve to be applauded for the efforts they have put in to giving users a first party way to access their files however, it still offers much less than the third parties have provided to date. The MobileMe iDisk lets you access quickly files that you have stored on your iDisk, streams videos. You can also view files in portrait and / or landscape. Sadly at this stage you cannot view visual previews of what photos, videos and docs contain.
Source – news.cnet.com

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