Google Voice App removal: FCC wants to know why

Apple’s kicking of the Google Voice Mobile application from their iTunes App Store has apparently cause a bit of a commotion with rumours sailing the net waves of AT&T asking Apple to boot the Google application. Another has it Google requested the removal to push their own Google Voice app for the iPhone.

Whatever the rumoured reason it is enough for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to launch their own investigation into what happened and to find out why Apple kicked the Google app.

According to an article on businessweek, the FCC has sent letters to Apple, AT&T and Google asking each for an explanation as to their involvement in the decision to remove the Google Voice app from the App Store.

Basically, the FCC wants to know if AT&T has any control over application selection, if Apple is contractually obligated to bow down to AT&T’s wants when it comes to the iPhone, if Apple gave Google any reason for the removal and if any more Google apps are forthcoming for the iPhone.

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