China Launch: Android HTC click, hero and 3G standard

Currently no major mobile phone manufacturer has launched an Android based phone in China, but that is soon to change as HTC is planning to launch 3 Android handsets in China this year reports an article on pcworld.

The 3 HTC handsets will be a low end handset with removable face named the HTC Click, a phone which uses China’s 3G standard, and the HTC Hero according to the marketing director of Dopod, Jackie Zhang; Dopod distributes HTC handsets in China.

Dopod will launch the HTC Click in the 4th quarter with a price tag of about 3400 yuan, about $500, while they plan to begin shipping the HTC later this month at about 5600 yuan. The 3G standard handset is being promoted by China Mobile and should see release late this year or possibly next year.

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