Is the Apple iPhone more powerful than the Nintendo Wii?

Tales of Monkey developer TellTale state that the iPhone is more powerful than the Nintendo Wii, citing Wii framerate issues with the game. Gamers have been complaining about framerate issues when playing the Wiiware version of the game.

This suggests that Wii isn’t as powerful as the Apple iPhone. Its been claimed that the frameware issues will eventually be sorted out, but the Wii is just not as powerful console.

The textures and voices are the way they are purely due to the fact that WiiWare titles are limited to 40 megs, the PC versions are usually 150+ megs. The Wii and the DS are underpowered, and although they are popular throughout you cannot ignore the hardware limitations. But it’s not just any mobile phone is it with over 13,000 games available from the Apple App Store. Source – videogamersrepublic.com


One thought on “Is the Apple iPhone more powerful than the Nintendo Wii?”

  1. Waldo says:

    Well, I dislike Apple, I’ve never been a big fan of the bin N either, but I’d say this: at least the Wii is less likely to explode.

    If you’ve got your new iphone in your pocket, there’s a chance you may feel a sharp pain in your testicles. Fortunately, you’ll be nowhere near them.

    Apple is not the only fruit!

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