T-Mobile offering unlocked iPhone 3G handsets, price and details

Hi-tech illegal goods have been sneaked into the UK by T-Mobile in the form of iPhone 3G handsets that are unlocked. These Apple devices are being used to encourage customers to renew their contracts that are £75 a month or above. Although probably only a few corner office people are aware of exactly how much the handset itself is being charged for by T-Mobile.

O2 has exclusivity on the iPhone 3G right up till September but this does not stop T-Mobile from essentially working as a reseller of unlocked SIM-free components. This will distance them from legal action.

These handsets are only being offered to upgrading customers and not newcomers. No PR will be heard from T-mobile but a full statement from O2 will be released by September on the topic of losing 3G exclusivity.

Source – Engadget Mobile

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