New Viva Mexico Calling Plans Introduced by AT&T

AT&T has now introduced new calling plans for their customers who frequently ring Mexico and is called the “Viva Mexico” plan according to phone scoop.

The AT&T Viva Mexico plan bundles 1000 anytime minutes which can be used in US and Mexico, a complete obliteration of international long distance rates and also to rollover on the Mexico friendly minutes.

This does however only apply to voice as data and messaging remain with international fees. AT&T is asking $54.99 for individual plans or for 2 lines on a family plan $84.99.


2 thoughts on “New Viva Mexico Calling Plans Introduced by AT&T”

  1. IanH says:

    This is okay for people calling to MExico a lot, I suppose, but I can call Mexico at the same rate as local calls anyway with my prepaid Tracfone. I don’t do it a lot but it is great to have the ability to do so at no extra cost. No subscription fee or contract required either. As a matter of fact, the service allows me to call a LOT of international destinations at local rates.

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