HTC Touch Pro2 Vs HTC Hero: Which one would you choose?

According to an article on huliq, the new HTC Hero is a better smartphone when compared to other smartphones, but the HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone comes equipped with such features as Straight Talk, a great design and the latest version of the TouchFLO 3D user interface.

The HTC Hero is one of the better 3G handsets from the HTC stable with a 5 megapixel camera, 7 home screen buttons, widgets, social media, HTML browser, attracktive design and high memory.

The HTC Touch Pro2 features the matured user interface the TouchFLO 3D and has a large layout of notifications and menus which are finger friendly, with a centric design for optimal communication and a large 3.6 inch WVGA display.

So, given the option which one would you choose?


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  1. Serg says:

    It depends on you, I would go still with the Touch Pro 2 because it comes with qewerty. Everything ells seem to be the same spec and program wise too. Except Pro 2 has a 3.2 MP camera and Hero is 5MP. Footprint is a great feature but I believe Pro 2 has it as well. Pro 2 has bigger screen (3.6 at 480-800 resolution), and the Pro 2 has the 4 speakers, two to talk & two to hear for noise cancelation. Small difference between the two so its up to you, don’t have a lot of knowledge on the Hero, but it does look eye-catching. Personally I will go with the Touch Pro 2 with T-Mobile that is coming out Aug. 12 ……. 5 more days =o)

  2. FaSho says:


    the bigger difference between the two devices is the OS used. Windows Mobile is on the Touch Pro2 while Android is on the Hero. That’s more pertinent to the argument than anything. Put that on the table in your analysis.

  3. Alan says:

    Crappy service like Sprint? Pass the weed cuz that must be some good stuff. Sprint is no worse than AT&T or Verizon in most locations. Where I live it is even superior. And as far as plans, I probably save around $1,000 a year with Sprint thanks to their fantastic plans.

    As far as the Hero vs TP2, I am debating that as well. I will wait and play withem in person before I decide. I am pretty sick of WinMo though so looking forward to using Android. I wish I could run Android on the HTC Touch Pro 2 and upgrade the camera to 5MP, then you would have a helluva nice phone.

  4. I am actually contemplating which phone to get myself. I’m on Sprint and have been waiting for the Touch Pro2 to be released for a while now. I’m pretty disappointed with the design changes. I was hoping it would look similar to the unlocked version, but it ended up being black and orange. I guess that it’s better than T-Mobile’s “sparkle brown” color.

    I love the big screen on the Pro2 and the keyboard is supposedly one of the best mobile phone keyboards. One of the main drawbacks for me is the camera. It’s not quite as good as the Hero (3 Megapixel vs 5.)

    I’m leaning towards the Hero right now. I think that the interface is a lot more innovative than the Pro2 which uses Windows Mobile 6.1. Although, I will miss having a physical keyboard, the Hero is smaller and lighter. Interestingly, the Hero is Teflon coated and has a oil-resistant coating on the glass screen. Also, the Hero has a capacitive touchscreen and will be able to support multi-touch gestures more like the iPhone.

  5. @Chas2unes

    crappy service like Sprint?

    How can you say that, I am using sprint since 4 and half years and its really good, mainly inside my office at&T and other networds don’t work, but sprin does, apart from this sprint has very cheap plans to choose its service is really good…

  6. droopy says:

    I had been a sprint customer for more than 9.5 years without disconnecting my service and I could tell that sprint it is the best cell phone service company in U.S. But there is an issue that would like to share with all of you and it’s the way sprint it’s forcing the customers to change their plan. Why it is that, like I said, I been a sprint customer for about 10 years and I want to change my phone for the Palm-pre, HTC P2 or the HTC hero, but in order to do that I have to change my plan. My actual plan includes all an everything-plan has but I pay less. I have unlimited internet, pic tex, sms tex, not roaming fee, unlimited incoming calls, mobile to mobile calls and more. But I only pay $39.99 + tax just $56.00 a month, as a different of the new everything plan have to pay $99.99 + tax it’s almost $120 a month and on top of that I have to sing a new 2 years contract. I had been without contract for 5 years already. I think it is no right that sprint force old customers to change plans and sing new contracts just because wanted to change the cell phone for a new one.

  7. Marvin says:

    Droopy, if you have a bill of $60/month than no you do not have to change plans! Just pay the full price for the phone off a site like Ebay or something. The money you are saving a year is over $720.00 with your plan vs the new pricing plan. So the best thing for you to do is to just pay out for a new phone and keep your plan! I know I would

  8. MarkT says:

    droopy, I happen to be in a similar situation as you, and fully agree. I spent alot of time on the phone with Sprint about it. As it was explained to me, Sprint is requiring that you must be on an offical “everything” type plan for any of the newer phones running android or webOS which includes the Hero, Moment, PalmPre — that is their new strategy. Although the HTC TP or TP2 which runs WM does not require the “everything” plans; so I finally went that route — got the TP2 which, turned out to be the better phone for me.

  9. memphisbunni says:

    I had the HTC pro and loved it! I just upgraded to the HTC hero and I can’t believe this phone can do all this! This phone rawks! I do miss the slide out qwerty BUT the capabilities on the hero are endless so that makes up for it.

  10. passion says:

    i was reviewing my best friend phone, and i love youtube,, and i went in t-mobile the other day, and looked on who the youtube videos look on the phone.. HTC PRO, cover the whole screen and is not blurry, the hero is in the wide of the screen , and it was very blurry… htc here i come

  11. Tara says:

    I’m trying to choose between the two as well. I like the QWERTY, huge screen, and overall look of the Touch Pro2. But the Hero has a better camera and that Teflon crap (Although I dont like the look of the hero very much. Or the trackball. I hate that thing)

    I’m mostly concerned with how web browsing, messaging, and entertainment is on the phones. But I can’t find a good comparison anywhere -.-

    P.S. Yay Sprint :]

  12. Dan says:

    I have them both and have had them both for several months. I still can decide which one I like better. The keyboard on the TP2 is awesome and makes it very easy to type. The Hero does so much and Android is far superior to WinMo 6.1. There’s no Bluetooth voice dial on the Hero. Some say the TP2 is too heavy, but I can’t imagine being so weak that its weight would matter even slightly. I know I’ve been of no help, but I am as confused about this as anyone.

  13. chip says:

    I own both phones (hero and htc pro 2). They both are exceptional in their own way. For business, I choose the touch pro to carry around at work. Better syncing with outlook, better calendar (and availability of 3rd party apps such as thumbcal). Keyboard makes activities such as work emails a breeze.

    However, for leisure use, the Hero has the edge. Websurfing is much faster and smoother than it is on the Pro 2. You also have flash support on the Hero and the user can customise the interface to suit their needs/mood. It is also much easier to navigate when online using the scrollball on touch pro. Nonetheless, I found it a little bit of a let down when it comes to business use because of the limited calendar function and fiddly sync function. HTC pro 2 just gets on with it!

    Battery life’s about the same on these phones. So in short, the choice of which to buy should be based on what YOU need it for. Both phones have their merits. If you’re able to purchase them both, i reckon you’ll be sorted for phones for a few years!

  14. harne9 says:

    I have the blackberry curve and hate it, it takes forever to load, and the memory is terrible. I have been with sprint for years and not sure which of the two devices to get. I need memory for applications, and only use the calender minimally. However my contacts are of huge importance as is messaging.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Thank you all. I had a hard time deciding which one of these phones to get, but, thanks to your reviews, especially yours Chip- since I will be using mine mostly for leisure, I will be going with the Hero…Perhaps I’ll look to the HTC Evo when it comes out in the summer, though…

  16. J Boss says:

    Ay forget u haters. The hero is cold. Dats what i got and its a beast on that young android. Forget that heavy bulky touch “no” with that weak. Windows mobile. Its all bout Android

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