WikiServer 1.4.4 software update for Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone has an update for the wiki management tool it is WikiServer 1.4.4 for the iPod touch and iPhone. This update is going to cost US$6.99 at the Apple App Store.

It is possible to make a fully functional Wiki using WikiServer. The users will be able to Share Wiki, edit and create new WiKi’s all from their iPod touch or iPhone. Version WikiServer 1.4.4 now has the capability to import/export data from the iPhone or iPod touch to desktop computers.

Wiki supports hyperlinks and not only can you interact with the Wiki using the iPhones touch screen via the Browser Screen, you can use WiFi network to serve WiKi pages. The new WikiServer 1.4.4 software has a new browser screen, status screen, start up screen, error messages, help and many more new features.

Read only is available for the WiKi if using WiFi network. Also the Apple button has been removed as people were saying it is too confusing. You only have the cancel or save button when doing edit operations on the Wiki. If you are a Windows user you will discover you cannot close the WikiServer by using the window close box or the Function Key. You will have to click the Red button to save and close the WikiServer.

Source – macsimumnews.com

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