iPhone 3.1 News: SkypeCap for Mac 3.1 released

SkypeCap 3.1 has been announced by SkypeCap. This is an update to their audio session recorder and Skype video for Mac OS X which allows audio conversation to QuickTime MOV from Skype, Flash SWF and FLV, mpeg, MP3 and recording of video. SkypeCap 3.1 will cost $49.99 for a Single License

This incorporates the process into the Mac by allowing the user to interact during conversation and session recording. SkypeCap call recorder allows you to be in more than one place, you can still be at a 2pm sales call in the flesh and still catch every word of the 2pm conference call. So, when suitable for you, you just listen to the call you recorded later.

You can now share sessions with another person or listen to and watch your Skype sessions again later with the SkypeCap for Mac, this is all done in real time. The user can also use SkypeCap for recording: teleconference calls, training sessions, Skype video, announcements, Skype Casts, interviews, meetings, telephone and mobile phone calls and much much more.

With SkypeCap you have control over when the recording begins and ends and the quality the recording should be captured, SkypeCap will inform you when it recognises the sessions are occurring and you can then record them. Only the user will know the video or audio is being recorded. There are minimum requirements, these are: 10 MB Hard Drive space, Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard and Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel. This is available to download from the SkypeCap website.

Source – prmac.com – Image from – desinformado.com

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