OmniaHD DevPack seems to be pretty stable

There have been a number of beta versions but the first version that seems pretty stable is for the Samsung i8910 and its called OmniaHD DevPack.

All the documentation and tools that developers need in order to make the apps for Samsung’s Symbian device is packed in device specific SDK. The DevPack has the following features: Samsung Mobile Widget, which allows the user to make widgets for TouchWIZ UI on OmniaHD, Custom APIs such as GSensor, MotionUI and NaviSensor, plus more sensor framework and Optimised user environment /interface, this works flawlessly on small laptops.

So when all rounded up Samsung have done its utmost best to ensure developers have everything they need to deliver their goods to the Samsung OmniaHD. There should be some cool and exciting things being developed as the Samsung OmniaHD is the most capable multimedia handsets available on the market to this date.

Source – intomobile.com

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