Security issues found in new Palm Pre

It looks like your privacy could be at risk, claims have been made, a phone rival of the iPhone has some major flaws.

Later this year the Palm Pre is due to be launched, Palm Pres US parent company gets daily updates on information that includes, crashes, application downloads, location and how long to spend on an application.

Joey Hess a Technology blogger said:

‘The data gathered during a crash includes potentially private information, such as a list of all the programmes running on the phone.’

The reports that Palm had back had information that contained application crashes. The Pre owner had not noticed these but a way was found to disable them.

The claims were responded to by Palm, apparently the firms privacy policy was like many others in the business. Google Maps was used for the location information to create useful results for end users. Palm has no intention to breach users trust.

Source – metro.co.uk

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