User guide for Samsung Gravity 2

Another kind of pointless leak has spilled out, yep you got it right the Samsung Gravity 2 user guide is available for you all to have a look at.

Would you really want to look at a user guide before owning the phone? Some may well think that this is a jolly good idea, that’s down to you. The Samsung Gravity clearly lacked features but the overall design has been said to be just fine.

The Gravity 2 takes much of what was liked in the first device and adds a selection of new features, even beyond faster networking, the Samsung Rant has already outclassed the simpler Gravity, but now that T-Mobile have been working on a build out on its own 3G network, Samsung released the update to the original in the new Gravity 2. For more information go to intomobile.com


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  1. Mark Waddell says:

    my girlfriend has had a gravity 2 phone for 6 months, the screen went black and now it wont even turn on. T_ mobile in Bristol Va sucks, they don't give any loaners or have anyone that can help to get it fixed, you have to call a number and they send you one in a few days. Now if you only used a cell phone and it doesnt work, what are you suppose to do. ……..

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