Would you use Palm Pre or iPhone in shower?

If you are a gadget lover and have become very attached to your phone, maybe you should seek help. If you cling onto your iPhone when sat at a bar, you turn over your Palm Pre in your hand or you just wish you had added security by taking your iPhone in the shower with you.

Well, you iPhone/Palm Pre lovers are very lucky as a company called Two Eggplants has had a great idea and created a way for you to communicate with others, even when you are cleansing away. This gadget will only cost $7.99. So, would you like to be the owner of a soap which looks a lot like a Palm Pre, you can see this in the picture, or even a soap iPhone.

You can get as close to your Palm Pre as you wish, it is shower-safe, let it drift across your heart and soul. This is a phone to be cherished. The soap has a chocolate truffles sent, as Two Eggplants know that we all like to treat ourselves and quite like the occasional sniff of inorganic objects, just make sure you don’t confuse the two. And why didn’t Apple and Palm add aromas to their originals? Let us know your thoughts.

Source – news.cnet.com


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