iPhone MMS News: Another AT&T and Apple lawsuit

Once again it appears AT&T and Apple are facing the courts; this time it is because of the iPhone MMS feature, as a class action lawsuit has been files in a Louisiana district court which cites the Unfair Trade Practices Act for that state reports mobilewire.

The word is that 10,000 people are accusing AT&T and Apple of misleading customers by advertising the MMS feature for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0 via various radio, email and TV advertisements as AT&T and Apple aggressively announced support for MMS, but in fact it isn’t available to use by customers.

AT&T doesn’t yet, and will not offer MMS messaging on the iPhone until later this summer, and thus delays in delivering MMS support have led to the class action lawsuit being filed.


6 thoughts on “iPhone MMS News: Another AT&T and Apple lawsuit”

  1. Remo says:

    The problem with their lawsuits is that AT&T only promised MMS support in “late summer.” The “late summer” has appeared in all of the advertising and on the AT&T website. Until September 22, it is late summer so their claims in court have no standing until then.

  2. ryan says:

    “Ground for claims” not withstanding, as an AT&T customer I am absolutely tired of being treated like a second class iPhone citizen- whether being compared to other nations/carriers or simply plan cost/features. AT&T has consistently shown they will mislead in their advertising, and when you go with such amorphous lines as “late summer” in your advertising- at such a large scale, you cannot be considered to be observing fair business practices..

  3. John Q. Smith says:

    You people in Louisiana are about as dumb as they come!!! AT&T and Apple’s websites both clearly state that the iPhone IS capable of MMS, however AT&T doesn’t support it until later this summer!! What is it with people always wanting to get something for nothing?! Get a job (like the rest of us) and quit begging!!

  4. John Q Smith is an Idiot says:

    Something for nothing John Q?! Try something AT&T iPhone users have been paying hard-earned money for from their “jobs” and not receiving for years. They pay cell phone plan charges, plus data plan fees and can’t send a picture with a text message? Ridiculous.

  5. Aaron says:

    John, stop generalizing. Your comment shows your ignorance. I live and work in Louisiana, that’s right work. I also have an iPhone. Every phone that AT&T offers that has a camera supports mms. Apple and AT&T shouldn’t have deployed the phone until it was ready. They are both greedy. Those who started the lawsuit understand the legal system and want to get it in place before the ambiguous time arrives so that there is no delay. Of course that is my logic. By the way I don’t know one person that is unemployed, and my personal network isn’t small.

  6. Jeff says:

    Just so you know, the reason MMS was not immediately available on the iPhone is that other phones with cameras automatically downscale their pictures before you send them over the network. AT&T has to upgrade their MMS servers in order for them to be able to send uncompressed 2 and 3 megapixel photos over the same networks. The alternative would be for those servers to crash day in and day out like they do overseas.

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