AT&T mystery mobile Flip phone is the Nokia 6350

It’s not even been two weeks since we got a glimpse of the Nokia 6750 which had the AT&T’s logo on it and now it looks as if there is to be another Nokia phone that will be landing soon with a carrier which is the second largest in the US.

Bluetooth SIG are very lucky as they have just received the Nokia 6350 fold. The phone is a clamshell, much like the 6650 and the 6750. The Nokia 6350 image is small to look at but you can clearly see the AT&T logo on it. Additional evidence to show the phone is an AT&T-bound phone, not long ago FCC approved it (850/1900 3G bands included), The AT&T’s logo was covered and it had a different name: RM-455.

The Nokia 6350 fold features: internal (QVGA) and external displays, a 2MP camera, GPS and most likely a S40 on board. There is no release date for this Nokia mobile at the moment, but at a guess it will be on contract and be under $100, so stay posted and we will give you all the updates.

Source – unwiredview.com

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