India News: Samsung Omnia HD lacks 1GHz CPU

The photo last week that suggested the Indian version of Omnia HD runs on a 1GHz CPU, smelt a bit fishy to us which is why we decided to not to write about it.

More fool us, the news of the photo has spread and certainly caused a stir in the community, we are pleased to be able to comment further as a kind Samsung representative has cleared some things up.

Firstly sorry to disappoint, but the comment claiming that the Samsung Omnia sported a 1GHz CPU was nothing other than just a mistake on the Samsung India side, or could it have been a marketing trick? The guys at Samsung India have added the 420 MHz DSP speed to the 600 Mhz ARM Cortex – A8 CPU. The label has now been corrected and I suppose we will just have to wait a little longer until the gigahertz handset joins the Omnia family. Source – gsmarena.com

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