BlackBerry AT&T Bold and Verizon Tour OS Updates: v4.6.0.508, v4.7.1.42, v4.6.0.438,

Looks like your mobile could be getting the new “official” OS update from RIM. If you are the owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9000 with AT&T or a Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630, this update will be coming to your device in the next few weeks.

A corporate customer of AT&T made us all aware of this update, it is said to be available from 25th August 2009, and there are a few improvements in the Maintenance release, these include: improvements with general handset software, AT&T Visual Voicemail (optional feature), Capability to set the device to “2G only” this gives a longer battery life and Additional VPLs including Wiki Mobile, My-Cast Weather, a few games and Mobile Banking.

Customers will be able to download the maintenance release from 25th August 2009, the download is available from www.att.com/bbdownloads.” There has also been a claim from BoyGeniusReport.com stating that the next Tour OS will be v4.7.1.42, there is no information at this time about when this will be available.

Next Tuesday is when AT&T are planning to launch the new Bold OS, this is of course if everything goes to plan. Unfortunately it is just a rumor about the Verizon Tour update at the moment. But this information does come from a site that has a confirmed track record for giving correct BlackBerry-related news.

Source – sfgate.com

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