iPhone Software: iPhone and Yahoo Calendar now syncing together

If you prefer to use Yahoo over Google and you are an iPhone user, now you can handle your own online data, take a look at the Yahoo Mail blog, it tells you how to sync Yahoo Calendar with your iPhone.

There is no download required, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions on your iPhone and then off you go. You will not need to jailbreak you iPhone or do anything to complex. When the set up is complete you can share your calendars with others too.

There are a few little things you should know first. First off you will have to be running iPhone software, this is 3.0 or above. Secondly, once you have completed syncing your iPhone, you will be switched over to the new Yahoo! Calendar 2.0 which is Beta.

If you are a lucky iPhone owner that has tried the Yahoo Calendar and its working for you or you simply cannot get along with it, thinking the Google Calendar was better, please let us know your experiences and leave a comment in the box below.

Source – lifehacker.com

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