LG Versa Turns LG CX9600 for Telus

Traditionally, mobile phones released in Canada carry the same name as those released in the United States, so no doubt Canada’s Telus will be announcing the LG Versa soon reports lgcentral.

However, apparently the Bluetooth SIG has now approved the LG Versa as a CDMA handset so it is more usable with the Telus network and is to be known as the LG CX9600.

It’s not too surprising that the LG Versa gets a name change as most Telus handsets have CX in their handle, such as the Telus LG CX8600 Chocolate Flip, LG CX830 Vantage, thus the LG Versa is now the LG CX9600, or Canadian Versa if you like.


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  1. I purchased the Telus Versa from Blacks Canada. I now have $75 worth of credit towards printing my digital photos into standard size pictures. They also kick in a microfibre cloth and lens cleaning mini pen for the camera. Telus was not willing to offer any incentive for purchasing at their Corp. locations although one store offered to give 50% off on a silicone case retailing for about $11….WOWEE.
    After a healthy amount of researching on the internet I discovered that this phone was released in the US under Verizon. I discovered that you can add a detachable Qwerty case that replaces the existing backing of the Versa. It is sold ONLY on the Telus website under CASE and NOT Accessories. I was amazed that NONE of the sales people I spoke to from several stores even knew about the existence of the case which for me was a total shock and slight feeling of disgust…way-to-sell-a-phone people!
    How useful is this nifty attachment you ask? For a somewhat frequent “texter” with chunkier than average fingertips I found texting to be a little challenging especially for someone who prefers to type fast and correct the first time without the annoying mistype. This Qwerty keyboard solves that problem quick as the flip to open it. One downside is that you do need to pretty much open the keyboard to access your phone.
    The price on Telus is about $45 before taxes and about$50 after.
    Searching on “other” popular websites I discovered that I could purchase a Verizon Keyboard for $35 CD including shipping. The question was “Is the Verizon LG Versa compatible with the Telus Versa. There is NO answer to that ANYWHERE on the WWW that I could find. I purchased one anyway and received it today. I am happy to say that indeed that the cell phone goddess was kind. I works perfectly!

    One thing to watch out for is if your Versa has a faint dark spot in the middle of the screen. I saw one comment from an owner who mentioned it and I thought it was an isolated incident. I have it as well yet my friend does NOT have it on hers.

    I am hoping that the talk of a WIFI attachment becomes reality in the near future.

    There is also a game pad similar to the original Nintendo System. I don’t know the extent of games offered by Verizon but I did see the Need for Speed game and was disappointed with Telus for not offering it with the Versa. In fact it cannot be downloaded from Telus as far as I can see.
    The Versa camera is only 2MP. It should have been at lease 3MP so the videos are pretty UNclear however it takes better pictures than Videos.

    Overall great phone for not being a SmartPhone.
    Score: 8 out of 10

    Thanks for your time!

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