Blogger officially unlocks Apple iPhone

It was something of a fascination a while ago with people all over the place becoming obsessed with trying to unlock an iPhone, and its still going on today.

While there are many ways to do this some of which are shown online the most notably the people over at the DevTeam and their unofficial unlocking process. Some people want it done for them but don’t want to have to go through a load of different steps to achieve it.

Getting an unlocked phone means that as long as you are on a GSM network you’re not locked into using the device just on one network. In the States you could buy an iPhone 3GS unlock it and utilize T Mobile USA’s network with not a worry. Olly Farshi claimed he legitimately unlocked his old iPhone 3G by paying off his previous two year contract in one lump sum., therefore apparently bypassing a European loophole. To find out more visit slashgear.com

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