Duracell unveils multiple smartphone wireless charger myGrid

Have you been patiently waiting for the WildCharge wireless charging pad to hit the shelves so you can wirelessly charge that iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia handset?

Well it appears that the WildCharge may have just been beaten to the market as Duracell unveil their own wireless charging pad in the form of the Duracell myGrid, and it does exactly what the WildCharge does.

The Duracell myGrid allows the simultaneous charging of multiple mobile phones with connectors supplied for the licks of the Apple iPhone, Motorola, BlackBerry and Nokia handsets, and along with the Duracell myGrid, Duracell has also announced a new instant charger that plugs in to deliver more battery life to mobile devices. The Duracell myGrid is expected to begin shipping sometime in October but as yet no price is available.


2 thoughts on “Duracell unveils multiple smartphone wireless charger myGrid”

  1. revealer says:

    duracell charger is actually a knock off. they stole not only the idea but the exact look of the wildcharge.. http://www.wildcharge.com …who has been around for over a year before duracell announced it.

    please support wildcharge before duracell as wildcharge are a small company…and they came up with the idea and technology, no matter how simple.

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