Engadgets Samsung UltraTouch S8300 Review

Samsung has been turning towards AMOLED displays recently, and we actually like it. We are over the moon to see the UltraTouch S8300 in more detail. It has an 8 megapixel camera, integrated FM radio, and 16GB microSD card support.

There are however some pro and cons for the UltraTouch S8300. Is this one going to be great or just average? If the handset was being judged by feel and look of hardware only, we would recommend it. This devices is not the smallest of mobiles it measures, 110 x 51.5 x 12.7mm. If the device is opened up it does feel like a “real phone,” however when it is closed it is bland.

The slide apparatus is solid, it closes with a calming click. Facing ahead, the bottom of the device has 3 buttons: call, end and back, at the top is the front-facing camera for webchat. The phone does not look that bad, it is simple and sleek with a red line along the edge, this matches the keypad colour when it is on show. The keypad alone is also solid, does its job and looks great. So the UltraTouch is simple, sleek and looks great.

There are no complaints when receiving and making calls, the speakerphone was short of volume but it made up for that in tininess, but we are sure you do not make a lot of speakerphone calls anyway. When the handset is used properly calls are loud and clear. The main thing people want to see on this phone is the AMOLED display. It’s very eye-catching with its 240 x 400 pixels. The UI is additional modification of TouchWiz, so you may or may not get used to it. Sadly there is not enough real estate from the 2.8” screen for a toolbar. If we were you, forget about scrolling around multiple widgets as they will get flung around all over the place.

So to summarize “torture” is a little severe, whoever gets one of these devices will be walking out of a Vodafone shop for roughly £25 a month contract and no cash down. Unless you detest TouchWiz we think you will be happy with your purchase. This phone is pretty amazing but we can’t help but think it still could be better.

Source – engadgetmobile.com

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