Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold phones is in the system

Great info here for all you BlackBerry owners out there, we know that the upgraded BlackBerry Bold OS for AT&T wont be released until next Tuesday but here’s something for you now.

The feature code for the Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry handsets is already in the system, which means that if you’re running a Bold OS that has the Visual Voicemail icon on it then you can simply call your AT&T service rep and ask them to add the VV feature to your account then you should be ready to go.

Some of the features the BlackBerry Visual Voicemail system will give is that you can store up to 40 voicemails for up to 14 days. Forward voicemails as an MMS to other users or an email address. Save numbers from your voicemail inbox to your address book. For more information visit boygenius.com

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