Weird pink Samsung B3310 phone with side number keys, shocking

Some people may think that the Nokia Surge 6760 is a weird looking device but take a look at Samsung’s latest device, it’s the Samsung B3310.

Basically, the two mobiles share the same idea: they are both sliders with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a few keys on the left side. But Samsung went a little further and made their device PINK! This resulted in the B3310. We do not have a price for this but at a guess it will be high.

The Samsung B3310 has some good features, these include: GSM/GPRS connectivity, 1 inch screen with 176 x 220 pixels, Bluetooth, MicroSD card support, 2MP camera with video recording, Music player, Quick access to Flickr, Facebook and MySpace, Stereo FM radio, and 40MB of internal memory. This device will be coming to the UK soon and it ought to be launched in September.

Source – unwiredview.com


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