HTC Qilin features TI OMAP3 3430 Cortex A8 processor

There has been a long and tedious wait for the next-gen processor from HTC, but the forthcoming HTC Qilin, has the TI OMAP3 3430 processor, will break the spell.

The Cortex A8 processor assures performance up to three times quicker than an ARM processor running at equal speed and gives the following features: Industry’s first processor with advanced Superscalar ARM® Cortexâ„¢, combined mobile entertainment and performance from omap3430New OMAPâ„¢ 3 architecture, designed in 65-nm CMOS process technology, Integrated image signal processor for a quicker and high-quality image and Flexible system support.

The processor also has, XGA, 16M-color (24-bit definition) display support, Flatlinkâ„¢ 3G-compliant serial display with parallel display support, High Speed USB2.0 On-The-Go support, Composite and S-video TV output, Support for OpenGL ES 1.1, Software-compatible with OMAPâ„¢ 2 processors, M-shieldâ„¢ mobile security, Leverages SmartReflexâ„¢ technologies, Seamless connectivity to Hard Disk Drive and HLOS support.

Not all of the features are relevant, it will be the advanced software and new generation processors that support them and this will be the break between the Qualcomm MSM72xx chips and the future of Windows Mobile.

Source – wmpowerusers.com

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