Nokia N85 gets software update: Firmware Version 30.019

Here’s some great news for all you Nokia N85 owners out there.

Ovi Contacts features are making the rounds again and this time on newish Nokia firmware’s and the Nokia N85’s latest in not an exception.

Version 30.019 has just stated to circulate all around the world, bringing some great new features including realtime contact location and status updates. Also for the really big news the improvements in USB charging ? We had hoped that they would pull out another 3 megapixels out of the air but sadly not to be. To find out more then go to engadgetmobile.com


One thought on “Nokia N85 gets software update: Firmware Version 30.019”

  1. n85 lover says:

    i’ve updated the newest firmware….everything looks normal … some people complaint bout the multiple problems and errors they faced after updating…but mine worked fine.. thank god.. erm… i think there;s some improvement in the sound quality.. not really sure though ,…

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