iPhone Software: LogMeIn Pro and Ignition, remote access just got easy

Remote access doesn’t get much easier than this, LogMeln does a lot but don’t expect it to do everything for you.

It has very simplified access to multimedia Pcs, minimal set up is required and free client available. What’s not so good about it is that it has no Pro Mac client, some of the remote functions dot actually work very well and the support of Windows 7 is a bit iffy.

Logmeln offer a huge range of products which can appear a bit daunting, but ultimately there are only really three that need mentioning. The LogMeln Free client, the paid LogMeln Pro and the LogMeln Ignition iPhone client. The free being available for Pcs and Macs. The LogMeln Ignition for the iPhone however is a little pricey at AU$36.99 which is a bit much for an iPhone app.
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