Poll: Is the new Nokia N900 really a good Linux mobile phone?

Following lots of unofficial leaks, Nokia yesterday unveiled the awaited Nokia N900, the first Linux phone for the company.

It’s a step in the right direction to rejuvenate the smartphone line for Nokia, but does the N900 have what it will take in order to go head to head with the iPhone and of course the Android.

The Nokia N900 is powerful, made up of a ARM Cortex – A8 processor, with 1GB of memory just for running applications. It features OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration, which will surely open a window of opportunity for high quality mobile games. It runs on Linux based Maemo 5 software, which according to Nokia ‘compliments’ other software platforms from the company. There were rumors recently that Nokia would be dropping Symbian for a Linux based platform, which was suspected to be Google’s Android. Source – pcworld.com

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One thought on “Poll: Is the new Nokia N900 really a good Linux mobile phone?”

  1. Belugalove says:

    This has got to be worst article ever written about mobiles. What would be the purpose to vote on a phone that is not even available to most readers? Why mention a gig of memory without mentioning that that includes virtual memory?
    And why insinuate Nokia may drop Symbian? They just payed millions to buy the rights to release it as open source.

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