iPhone explosions do not exist says Tier 2 iPhone support guy

There have been reports of iPhone handsets overheating and exploding, some apparently causing injury, but according to an article on gizmodo, a supposed Tier 2 iPhone support agent says 99 percent of iPhone related calls are zero safety issues.

Basically what this supposed Tier 2 iPhone agent says is 1 or 2 calls in every 1000 he takes concerns the iPhone battery “overheating”, and in general can be describes as “uncomfortably warm,” and hasn’t heard of any co-worker receiving any calls about an injury, which includes people “too stupid” to stop using their iPhone after the screen is broken.

He goes on to state, batteries blowing up, chargers catching fire, and CD’s flying out of a CD tray smashing your mother’s antique vase can be classed as safety issues.

So, what do you think? Do those French iPhone reports fall into this guy’s “too stupid” category?

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