Aigo aiPower N2615 iPhone case boost battery 130%?

The Aigo aiPower N2615 iPhone case apparently boosts the battery life of your iPhone, and the guys over at pcworld have given the Aigo aiPower N2615 iPhone case a close look.

Although the Aigo aiPower N2615 case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS protects the iPhone the one thing it doesn’t do is make the iPhone appearance any prettier. It’s constructed in hard plastic surrounded by rubber and makes the iPhone 3x as deep when in place while preventing the use of the jack and mute switch.

Although the extra size is down to the integrated battery and thus a necessary evil. On the upside of things the iPhone is inserted with ease, and volume keys are still accessible while camera view remains un-compromised The Aigo aiPower N2615 incorporates a 1500 mAh battery which recharges the iPhone’s battery and claims to deliver up to 130% more battery life.


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