iPhone 3.1 OS News Recap: Launches September according to AT&T

It has been announced by AT&T that the next version of the iPhone OS will soon be available to download.

US network AT&T has announced that Apple will be launching OS 3.1 for the iPhone in September according to a representative. Its not quite clear yet what exactly the update will contain.

It is however presumed that Bluetooth file transfer could well be one of them, as this was left out of the iPhone 3GS. Another announcement is expected at the Apple media event in San Francisco regarding a revision of the iPhones firmware on the 9th September. For more information visit knowyourmobile.com


3 thoughts on “iPhone 3.1 OS News Recap: Launches September according to AT&T”

  1. James Burgess says:

    I just update my 3G to 3.1 and didn’t get any of the updates, e.g. mms, ringtones,etc. Anyone else having problems