BlackBerry Bold OS removed by AT&T

According to an article over on the BGR, AT&T has removed their first software upgrade, if you don’t count a minor platform upgrade, since November 2008, firmware OS for the BlackBerry Bold

Apparently OS for the BlackBerry Bold has now been removed because, as AT&T put it…a “software issue affecting the interaction between the device and network enhancements bring deployed.”

With the removal of the BlackBerry Bold software update, AT&T has not stipulated if or when the upgrade for the BlackBerry Bold will return; perhaps Bold users will have to wait yet another half year, who knows.


One thought on “BlackBerry Bold OS removed by AT&T”

  1. philly says:

    Well I did the update the other day, and so far so good. I can now switch from 2G to 3G rather than the phone switching own its own and making me drop calls. I’m digging the new visual voice mail app, but what I didn’t know was I can only be on the phone and go online while in the 3g mode. But thats cool, because I can now switch!
    If any one is have issues with the new download let me know so I can know what to watch for with mine!!!!!!phillymon1@att.blackberry.net

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